For Rosie’s 8th birthday her mom gifted her riding lessons. She has always been the primary trainer of her own personal horses. In the beginning it was a struggle. However, she quickly developed an understanding of the equine learning process and how that changes for each horse’s personality. She became hooked and now is addicted to perfecting her ability to teach each horse in the way best for that animal.

While attending college at Western Washington University she worked for a cow horse trainer riding the young horses. She then took several years off of school to work for an upper level dressage trainer. It was during this time that she became fascinated with dressage. She rode young horses and sale horses and showed several horses successfully up through 4th level. She was also training and showing her Dutch riding pony Vidalgo, whom she bought as a naughty green broke 4 year old when she was 16. Her first several years with him were spent trail riding and getting bucked off, but once they started doing dressage they found their groove. With Vidalgo, Rosie started to learn the process behind training difficult and hot horses. In their first year showing they were the 2010 Reserve Champions at Training Level for Region 6 Dressage. That year they also were ranked 3rd in the entire nation for Young Riders at Training Level. Over the course of several years they showed successfully up through 4th level and were schooling the movements required for FEI. With Vidalgo Rosie was awarded the USDF bronze medal in 2012.

After an injury forced Vidalgo out of competition Rosie decided to pursue Eventing with a 13.2 hand pony named Lucy who she had purchased on Craigslist. Lucy was very athletic but came to Rosie with a severe claustrophobia issue which resulted in serious blind bolting. Rosie had the opportunity to strengthen her skills in desensitizing and working with a new type of challenge in a horse. Rosie was able to quickly gain Lucy’s trust. Her hard work paid off when they won their division at their very first Event. They ended that season with a 7th place finish at the Area VII Championships at Novice.

A background in a wide variety of disciplines instills a deep respect for a correct foundation which lies at the base of success for every level of riding. Rosie finds satisfaction and joy in figuring out the best and most effective ways to help a horse learn. She enjoys working with difficult horses. They have taught her that the “road blocks” you find in your training give you an opportunity to better understand your equine partner. She maintains that the most satisfying feeling is riding a confident horse who truly understands what you are asking them to do.